Article from American Bicyclist from December 1975 about independent test of Viscount Aerospace Cycle. Enjoy it!

Thom Parks, manager of The Spoke cycle shop and an independent test rider, just wasn't expecting a blizzard.
Not when he decided to ride his test Viscount 10-speed up the highest paved road in the world.

18 11 5 Viscount aerospace cycleBut an all out blizzard is just what Thom hit at 14,000 feet. 14,000 feet up the face of Colorado's rugged Mt. Evans. Fortunately, coming down, Thom's Aerospace Cycle had a set of brakes that proved just as tough as the mountain. Here's what he wrote us: "Viscount has developed the best center pull brakes I've used. Maybe owning five other brake sets made me a fanatic. I'll take the Viscount's every time, especially coming down a mountain. They're very smooth, powerful, yet amazingly progressive. Enough so that braking on ice is predictable, a rare credit.“

Mt. Evans wasn't Thom's only proving ground for the test Viscount. He used his competition-light, 22.75-lb. Aerospace bike for the day-to-day commute from home to work. For race training, main club racing events, and even general touring.
Until he had chalked up more than 1,000 miles of hard riding over all types of roads and terrain: flatlands and mountains, upgrades and down, back trails and highways. And the Viscount proved itself more ways than one. The final test rider's report:

Handling Characteristics of the 3.75-lb.
"Considering the 3-cross, high flange wheels and tight rear triangle of the frame, the Viscount has a very comfor-table ride. The comfort can be traced to relatively flexible forks and a well-conceived frame structure. I can dive as deeply into curves as pro Italian bikes whether riding in the park or down a mountainside at 45:'

18 11 5 Viscount aerospace cycle 2

Crankset and Sealed Bearings
"The beautiful crankset is quite stiff. It is probably finished better than any other and the smoothness of the crankset's bottom bracket is especially appreciated. Not having had to overhaul the hubs or bottom bracket, I really can't comment on why they are so smooth. I'll just attribute the lack of rolling resistance to the quality sealed bearings:'

Design and Craftsmanship Detail
"The paint is extremely tough and well-applied and endured a brush with the stone wall in front of my house. The stem, brakes, forks, and crankset are pieces of functional art.
"All the brazing looks top-notch even at the bottom bracket and rear drop-outs, sore spots on most bikes under $600r (Viscount cycles range in price from $139 to $260. Models with lugless handbrazed frames begin at $139.)*

Viscount Racing Character
"I'll be riding the Viscount in about 10 races this season with friends who ride bikes ranging from a Peugeot PR to Colnagos. I hope to impress upon people that a good, under-$300 bike can be made to compete with the superbikes costing two or three times more:'

Viscount Value
"One need not be rich to race, tour, or just have fun on a 10-speed. The 'it has got to be expensive to be good' crowd is certainly bad forthe sport and Viscount proves the point.' Prove an Aerospace Cycle to yourself. For full information or to apply for a dealership, call toll-free 800-854-3325. In California, call collect 714-522-9267. 'Manufacturer's suggested retail prices.

Source: American Bicyclist, December 1975, page 25, private collection